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Posted Jul 31, 2020 by amber

The Diversity of Drones in Agriculture

The use of drones in precision agriculture has become increasingly prevalent among ag professionals due to the diverse advantages this technology provides.

Drone solutions enable increased in-field efficiency and enhance informed crop management decision-making.

Ongoing, they help ag professionals improve their understanding regarding the success of product performance and they augment the planning process for the next growing season.

This article outlines five diverse benefits that ag professionals can gain by implementing drones into their agriculture operation:

1. Quickly Eliminate Threats

Due to the invasive nature of plant diseases and pests, ag professionals need every resource they can get to assist in eliminating field threats as speedily as possible.

If a crop threat goes unnoticed, something that initially started as a small issue can rapidly spread, becoming a far more significant problem, drastically affecting yield quality in the future.

However, using drones allows ag professionals to quickly detect inconsistencies identified within fields, helping to prevent unnecessary crop losses in-season and out-of-season across multiple areas and trials.

For example, RocketFarm can generate high-resolution photogrammetric drone maps of fields within 24-hours of flight, serving as a powerful tool to maximise plant health.

Ag professionals can use these maps to precisely detect field issues, holistically visualise problem areas, ground truth more accurately and make more informed decisions based on evidence and facts.

2. Maximise Yield Quality

Drones allow for the speedy and reliable identification of in-field management opportunities and empower ag professionals with the data they need to holistically understand what is going on across their entire field amidst current conditions.

For example, RocketFarm’s array of advanced drone data reports help ag professionals to identify those areas needing specific management such as nitrogen application, pest control or replanting.

Drone data also allows ag professionals to increase the accuracy of their yield projections across hundreds of acres, increasing efficiency and helping maximise input returns.

Moreover, drones help to precisely determine which products performed best, enabling ag professionals to make more informed decisions when it comes to purchasing inputs for the next growth season, helping to improve the quality of future yields.

3. Analyse Trial Results at Scale

Drones enable ag professionals to compare results easily and accurately from chemical and seed trials across multiple fields and give ag professionals the ability to oversee the performance of products at every stage of the trial life cycle.

Drone data also helps improve the management of trials when used in conjunction with precision fertilizer applications such as effectively validating the performance of fungicide, testing new hybrid varieties, and conducting preliminary field assessments after weather events.

4. Improve Current and Future Growth Season Planning

Drone data is a valuable tool that ag professions can use to effectively improve planting plans for current and future growth seasons.

For example, RocketFarm’s high-resolution drone maps allow ag professionals to precisely compare, track and review the progress of multiple fields or trials over a particular timeframe, enhancing quality decision making and planning for the next growth season.

This enables ag professionals to effortlessly visualise plant health over time, promptly spot emerging trends and dig deeper into problem areas, providing an all-encompassing historical overview of fields.

5. Enhance Marketing Related Efforts

With drones, ag professionals can easily and cost-effectively capture multiple sources of quality media to enhance their marketing related efforts.

This includes aerial images, panoramas, videos, and maps which can be used to celebrate and share successful projects.

For example, RocketFarm can capture breath-taking aerial imagery from numerous perspectives which would ordinarily require copious amounts of time, money, and effort. 

Drones are therefore becoming an ideal way for marketers to capture powerful imagery that can be used to enhance any marketing campaign.

The Final Word

It is undeniable that drones offer ag professionals a diverse range of benefits including being able to quickly eliminate field threats and maximise the quality of yields.

Moreover, drones assist ag professionals to accurately analyse trial results, improve plant planning throughout the growth season and enhance marketing related efforts.

Drones are therefore a valuable support tool that will not only positively impact plant health but allow ag professionals to enjoy more profitable results all season round.

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