Posted Apr 16, 2020 by amber

Precision Farming Triggers: 3 ways weather stations and drones enhance yield

Agriculture remains one of the fastest developing industries globally, and increasingly, precision farming is becoming vital to saving costs and improving the farming process.

As such, installing RocketFarm’s cost-effective, on-site weather stations (which feed data via Sigfox’s long-range IOT network) will automatically trigger our expert drone services team to quickly pin-point crop disease and pest infestations. Here are the three key benefits of installing a RocketFarm IOT Weather Station on your precision farm or trial:

1. Save Time

RocketFarm weather stations allow you to specifically set in-field weather warnings via an easy-to-use smartphone app which also lets you upload any pest profiles you may currently have. These personalised weather alerts then trigger a proactive drone flight where RocketFarm will scan your entire field to develop a holistic overview of what is happening.

Drone flights cover approximately 150 hectares in 90 minutes and generate precise, georeferenced advanced data reports which indicate exact problem areas on your fields that require further ground truthing.

This will allow you to determine what’s happening in your fields quicker and more accurately than traditional “foot” scouting methods. The result being fast, precise, data driven responses, as well as increased operational productivity

2. Enhance Yields

The second benefit associated with triggers is that of enhanced yields. RocketFarm weather station alerts coupled with in-field data from drone flights will help you to manage your plots far more purposefully and in a more targeted manner, ultimately improving your yield performance.

The plant health data RocketFarm provides helps you quickly, easily and precisely visualise problem areas and take yield-saving corrective actions before irreparable damage occurs, allowing yields to be maximised.

Additionally, RocketFarm’s data allows you to view survey maps of your field side-by-side to gain a historical perspective of crop progress. This will help you investigate problem areas more thoroughly, track emergent patterns more intently, and consistently compare plant health and crop emergence over time, all contributing towards enhancing your farming decisions for improved year-on-year yields. 

3. Increase Transparency

Finally, triggers allow for increased transparency. Artificial intelligence in both RocketFarm weather stations and drone data will allow you to quantify your crop management decisions, make adjustments for improved crop performance and measure the resulting outcomes of each of your decisions.

RocketFarm drone data triggered by your personalized weather alerts provides the exact percentage, number and georeferenced location of problematic areas on your fields, pinpointing precise field zones that warrant further investigation. Additionally, you’re able to view and store all of the collected weather and field data on a centralised online platform where you can easily share data with your team, for example through a user-friendly PDF.

The Final Word

RocketFarm weather station alerts, drone technology and the resulting data activated by triggers acts as a powerful precision farming management tool which can help you save time, enhance yields and increase transparency, contributing towards greater sustainability. With RocketFarm, you can now gain a precise overview of your plots, accurately classify problem areas in a timely manner and prescribe intelligent responses to maximise the health of your crops. Farm smarter with RocketFarm today and enjoy more profitable results all season round.

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