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How drones can be used to detect temperature and fight Covid-19

Drones are fast entering the front lines in the battle against the global Covid-19 virus.

With infections passing 3 million and total deaths exceeding 200 thousand (at the time of writing), the world is thirsty for innovative methods to slow down the rate of infection and flatten the curve.

Using advanced thermal technology, drones can now provide lifesaving solutions, while allowing monitoring from a safe distance.

Health Monitoring Using Drones

*Infrared cameras automatically detect the hottest temperatures within an area and can indicate elevated body temperature. – A product of  GO THERMAL.

Drones are more than just flying tools; it is the vast array of sensors that they can hold which is the key to their success.

Detecting symptomatic individuals, particularly those with a fever, is key to fighting the Covid-19 virus.

Drones carrying thermal cameras are able to detect the real-time temperature of people and thereby detect a fever.

  *Infrared cameras automatically detect elevated skin temperatures, potentially indicating fevers and underlying infections. The colour image, temperature scale (right), and alarm mechanism make it easy to decide when individuals need further examination. – A product of GO THERMAL.

Furthermore, drones that are equipped with infrared cameras allow temperatures to be measured at a far greater distance – up to 90 meters or more – compared to traditional infrared “thermometer guns”.

Coupled with the right Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, drones can be used to not only help detect other COVID-19 symptoms such as coughing, respiratory conditions and heart rate but can also do this in real time.

Even in areas with large amounts of people, drones are able to detect movement and density and therefore scale the infection detection process.

This critical real-time information can provide insights into high-risk areas through live videos and streaming footage.

Decision makers are able to make clearer, more informed decisions and can target their response appropriately, as opposed to a “spray and pray” approach

*Infrared camera infrastructures can be used to intelligently monitor crowd movements and check individual heat signatures in large groups. – A product of UNLEASH LIVE.

The Final Word

Among the endless capabilities of drones, this technology is seemly becoming a go-to instrument in the fight against COVID-19.

The invisible enemy requires an approach so unique and so intelligent that we need every type of soldier we can muster to fight it.

Far from being the futuristic robots of our nightmares glamorised by Hollywood movies, drones are a formidable ally that take our place on the frontlines and keep us safe.

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